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The 100 Day Project (2019)

From 2nd April to 10 July 2019, this year’s #100dayproject is all about the doodle for me.

This is my meditation, my therapy, my escape from the noise of my thoughts. For 100 days this year I’m sharing these little mark making experiments with time lapse videos and a bit of wordage about my process.

Follow the project’s progress day to day on Instagram, or check out my newsletter for first looksies at flip through videos and time lapse compilations 🙂

Over the weeks these pages changed beyond recognition.
This is a snapshot into the evolution.

NEW Postcard Prints

A collection of art postcards digitally collaged from the pages of the 100 day project art journal.

There are 15 designs in total, available individually or in sets. See the full collection here

Available now in my Etsy store!

The Sketchbook Project

Brooklyn Art Library is home to over 41,000 sketchbooks from over 130 different countries. If you find yourself in Brooklyn, you can view these books in real life.

My 2019 Sketchbook [shelf ref 360.55-6]

Sketchbook Project 2019 by Mixy
2019 Sketchbook

My 2018 Sketchbook [shelf ref 348.59-2.]

Sketchbook Project 2018 by Mixy
2018 Sketchbook

If Brooklyn’s too far to travel, you can see a flip through of my sketchbooks right here instead.

The Tiny Book Collective

This Tiny Book is part of the  #TinyBookCollective from Hope Fitzgerald on Instagram. Check out her posts to see more itsy weeny books like this, and find out how to take part.

Read more about the thoughts behind this piece here.

The 100 Day Project (2017)

The 100 day project is intended to awaken, nurture and sustain the creative spirit though the cultivation of small daily acts for 100 days.

Through the span of 100 days in 2017 I created these images inspired by the odd assortment of photos in my phone.

I learnt more than I expected in the process [read more here]

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