Art Journals & Sketchbooks

There are always journals, sketchbooks and bundles of paper around me, to mop up ideas, to catch overheard words, splashes of color, snippets and bits.

They become home to the off-cuts and the trimmings from the ongoing projects orbiting my workspace.

These are all idea seeds which, if not caught between the pages of a book, could vanish forever. Instead, this is where they germinate.

Book of Days

Since mid 2020 I’ve been working in a gigantic 600 page sketchbook.

My plan is to add a double page spread every week.  At this rate the book will span several years. 

It’s evolving as a visual diary, filling up with the oddities circulating in my thoughts and snippets of the projects I’m playing with along the way.

Periodically I’ll make some flip through videos like these.

Postcard Prints

Each year I publish a new collection of art postcards, digitally collaged from the pages of my art journals.

Available individually or in sets, there are currently over 25 designs in my Etsy store.

Brooklyn Art Library is home to over 41,000 sketchbooks from over 130 different countries.  

I’ve contributed a book to this collection every year since 2018.

If you find yourself in Brooklyn, you can view these books in real life, each one has a shelf reference so you can track it down. 

If that’s too far to travel, you can see a flip through of my sketchbooks right here instead.

2021 Sketchbook [shelf ref 426.26-09]

2020 Sketchbook
[shelf ref 376.11-4] 

2019 Sketchbook 
[shelf ref 360.55-6]

2018 Sketchbook  
[shelf ref 348.59-2.]