Studio Projects

I like having a few different studio projects running at any time, ideas cross pollinate between them and I can hop from one to another to keep the energy buzzing.

Here’s some of what’s going on right now.

Imaginary Friends & Curious Creatures

I’ve been collaborating with the folks who showed up in the doodles of my art journals this year, accompanied by some bizarre beasties who dwell in the furthest corners of my imagination.  

Together we’ve created a Zine & a range of  Stickers.


Zine Vol. 1

This an A6 size, eight-page mini book of digitally collaged dreamscapes.  It’s a limited edition run of just 50 copies, each hand numbered and signed.

Volume 2 is in the works – watch this space!


A set of FIVE sticker sheets each with NINE stickers. Perfect for planners, journals, laptops and phone cases.

The 100 Day Project

The 100 day project is an annual creative pilgrimage which I document daily on Instagram.

Each year I like to find a new take on my art practices, and commit to developing it over the 100 days. This year I’ve got the bug to try something quite new to me:

100 days of Quiet Color.

Exploring through my usual multi-layered mixed media ways, a softer palette of winter colors, greys and ochres, sepia and indigo. 

For someone mostly surrounded in big loud colors, this part of the spectrum is like visiting a far off land,  I can’t imagine living here, but I am enjoying the visit!

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