Studio Projects

Imaginary Friends & Curious Creatures

I’ve been collaborating with the folks who showed up in the doodles of my art journals this year, accompanied by some bizarre beasties who dwell in the furthest corners of my imagination.  

Together we’ve created a Zine & a range of  Stickers.



This an A6 size, eight-page mini book of digitally collaged dreamscapes.  It’s a limited edition run of just 50 copies, each hand numbered and signed.


A set of FIVE sticker sheets each with NINE stickers. Perfect for planners, journals, laptops and phone cases.

Ink Dyed Book Pages

I began dying paper with inks as an experiment a few years ago, and it’s a technique I keep coming back to; Exploring new ways of making these fractal-ish patterns with ink & water on paper.

My favourite paper to dye is salvaged book pages, there’s something about the contrast of wild vivid colors on rigid grids of text I find completely magical.

Right now I’m coloring my way through some old dictionaries and sheet music. Follow along with these experiments on Instagram.

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Ink Dying Process

Layers on layers, sometimes sandwiched with stencils, freckled from water spots and brush flicks; One idea feeds into the next, and these colorful pages stack up. I use these papers in collages & art journals. Five Top Tips for Ink Dyed Paper.

Mixed Media Collage

Folded layers of dyed paper and painted fabrics, are collaged among deconstructed paintings, stitched pieces, and embellished with buttons, beads and found materials.

See more of these in my Etsy Store

Art Journals & Sketchbooks

Books full of ideas, accidents, experiments and color; Captured moments and buried words.  This is where I go to play when I don’t know what to do. This is where I wrestle the resistance.

Flitting ideas, fragments, passing song lyrics, jumbles. Brush wipings, mopped up paint spillages and over-splash. Idle doodles & notes to a future me. All these things live here.

Find more art journal flip throughs in my Youtubes