Studio Projects

I like having a few different studio projects running at any time, ideas cross pollinate between them as I hop from one to another and keep the energy buzzing.

Aside from a collection of art journals, here’s some of what’s going on right now.

ICAD {Index Card A Day}

Index Card A Day

This art challenge is brought to you by the fabulous Tammy Garcia aka Daisy Yellow.

The ICAD challenge is about doing a tiny creative project each day for 61 days, beginning 1st June.

2022 is my first foray into index card art and I’m documenting my progress daily on Instagram @MixyGregory

Starting out with the first layers of a few cards in watercolour and ink, in my usual fashion, I have no idea where this project will lead!


Index Cards [various lined cards: white, pink & blue. Some very old, faded and discoloured by time]

Inks India Ink, Dr PH Martins, Diamine [Aurora Borealis & Ancient Copper]

Watercolor Daniel Smiths & St Petersburg White Nights

Assorted fine liners, markers, pencils, brushes, dip pens.

The 100 Day Project

The 100 day project is an annual creative pilgrimage documented daily on Instagram.

This year’s project is a little accordion sketchbook.

Primarily it’s about celebrating the art things that don’t go to plan.

As I cut, glued and finagled the pages together I watched the ebb and flow of acceptance that stuff I make has an inevitable wonkiness to it.

There’s collage covering the paint covering the drawing covering the layers I don’t remember they were so long ago now, course correcting all the way.

Quirkfulness is my style, part of my process is the remember to be okay with this.

Embrace Your Quirkfulness: the flip through

Previous 100 Day Projects

2020: 100 days of junk journaling

2017: 100 days of doodles

Imaginary Friends & Curious Creatures

In collaboration with the folks and bizarre beasties who show up in the pages of my art journals, together we’ve created this Zine & range of stickers.

The eight-page mini book of digitally collaged dreamscapes is A6 size.  It’s a limited edition run of just 50 copies, each hand numbered and signed.

A set of FIVE sticker sheets each with NINE stickers. Perfect for adorning planners, journals, laptops, phone cases and wherever stickers stick.

Zine Vol. 1

Imaginary Friends & Curious Creatures Zine: page by page