TWELVTY: An Adventure in Color

The TWELVTY story

TWELVTY is a year long exploration of the color wheel: 12 colors in 12 months.  It’s a deep dive into creativity. It’s an adventure!

It began as a personal project. In 2012 I decided to create an art journal using just one color at a time for a whole year: The 12 colors of the color wheel, one each month. 

When I was ready to revisit this idea, I adapted the project into an online program. Joined by a group of artists and creatives from around the world, we all created our own variations of a 12 color project.

It was a real joy to share the adventure. I expected this to be a one-off…  But TWELVTY had other plans for me.

It’s testament to how much fun we had that almost half the students rejoined for a second year full of color.

A new version of the program evolved, and inspired by the overstuffed art journals that preceding TWELVTY adventures had borne, this time I adapted the art journaling techniques into a way of creating a 3-d mixed media color wheel.

At the time of writing I’m still pondering on the next evolution of TWELVTY. 

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"An unequaled experience in the practical application of color."
Cynthia, TWELVTY 2017


The first year long TWELVTY project: An art journal of 12 colors in 12 months.


TWELVTY becomes an online class: a guided tour around the color wheel.


TWELVTY evolves again: to include 3D Mixed Media Color Wheels.

Hali Karla

 “Penn has a way of holding space that immediately transports us into a realm of curious joy and vision. Her presence is welcoming and her guidance gentle and inspiring which opens up the free spirited child with and for me felt like coming home in my artist’s skin.”

Twelvty 2017's art journal.
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